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Veranda is brought to you by Gardner Company, the group behind such prominent ventures as the Eighth & Main tower, City Center Plaza and Nampa Library.

Gardner Company is an organization whose goals are to minimize risks and maximize profits of real estate developments. Our firm has individuals with years of hands-on experience in initial planning, financing, governmental design, leasing, legal, construction and property management. Throughout each of these steps, we are determined to be efficient and cost-effective.

Profits do not come at sacrifice of quality; poorly planned, designed and built communities will never be successful. No matter what the circumstances or conditions, we always strive to transform market challenges into profitable business ventures. Whether we build them from the ground up or improve them upon acquisition, we will strive to produce an asset that will appreciate for years to come. Gardner’s ability to deliver quality projects is the key reason for our success. This is done by providing professional service for every aspect of the development process.

Brighton Corporation began in 1968 as a small group of entrepreneurs developing residential neighborhoods in Boise, Idaho. Today, the firm has matured into a team of professionals with expertise in every area of real estate development and construction, including residential, office, retail and industrial properties. Brighton’s portfolio of residential communities and commercial properties are recognized among the finest in the region. Brighton focuses on one thing: Creating places of long-term value for our clients. That is why, from the earliest stages, we design and manage our projects to become attractive, integral parts of the communities they serve - and to remain so for decades.

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