Our state of-the-art community offers Alzheimer's and dementia patients care programs that utilize safe and non-intrusive schedules to give residents a sense of routine and security.

The effects of age are varied in both type and intensity, but one of the more challenging conditions to beset seniors are those diseases that disrupt memory. Older adults who have one of these memory-loss conditions require a specialized kind of senior care that is not offered by every nursing home or senior care facility. Instead, patients facing dementia or Alzheimer's disease are best treated by facilities that specifically provide memory care services. If you or a loved one are in this situation, understanding the role of memory care and researching the appropriate type of facility is important for ensuring that proper care is received as memory loss progresses.

What is memory care?

Conditions that affect memory such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease have a profound impact on the ability of those afflicted to properly and safely care for themselves. Often, families will attempt to provide the additional assistance with daily living and increased care that their loved ones facing dementia or Alzheimer's require. However, because these are progressive diseases, family members will eventually find themselves unable to provide the necessary 24-hour supervision and specialized care that is needed as the disease increases in severity. Memory care facilities can help fill this role. These providers offer a spectrum of specialized services to match the needs of dementia and Alzheimer's patients at every stage of the disease.

Unlike other types of senior living, facilities aimed specifically at Alzheimer's dementia care provide a greater range of services in a secure and protected setting; the features of these communities are designed to lower the stress experienced by those with memory loss while also helping prevent common accidents such as those caused by wandering. Whether in a standalone dementia and Alzheimer's facility or as part of a larger community of senior care and retirement living such as offered by Veranda Senior Living, memory care patients are generally kept separate from other senior residents to promote security and improved care.

The community features of memory care living

Because Alzheimer's and dementia patients can easily become disoriented and tend to experience high levels of stress, memory care facilities are designed to foster a relaxing environment. These communities will often be structured around an enclosed courtyard or other outdoor space to allow residents the ability to enjoy fresh air and sunshine without the risk of wandering. Common gathering places such as libraries and lounges are frequent staples of memory care facilities to encourage beneficial social interaction in a low-stress setting. Dining halls often offer family-style dining to allow residents to experience a greater sense of community at mealtimes.

All memory care facilities are not one in the same

Depending on the facility, memory care patients may be provided with private or semi-private rooms; Veranda Senior Living furnishes their memory care residents with separate apartments. In all cases, routine and security are emphasized in the living arrangements, meaning that suite and apartment features are minimal and kitchenettes are usually not included for safety.

All memory care facilities are operated by staff who have received specialized training on the care of patients with memory impairments. These well-trained caregivers provide memory care residents with 24-hour supervised and monitored care designed to provide a comfortable, stress-free and safe environment. Structured social activities such as art classes, games and music are incorporated into residents' daily routines in order to help dementia and Alzheimer's patients maintain valuable interpersonal relationships and connect with their memories. In addition, the facility's staff will handle the complete variety of responsibilities of daily life, from laundry, housekeeping services and meal preparation to physical therapy and exercise, medication management, bathing and grooming, dressing and any other necessary self-care tasks. While advanced healthcare services are not offered at every memory care facility, some communities like Veranda Senior Living do have onsite medical personnel on staff in order to provide memory care patients with comprehensive medical services at home.

How to choose the right memory care facility

Finding the right facility that meets the care requirements of you or your loved one can be challenging. Understanding the particular needs of the potential memory care resident is important, including the level of help they need with daily activities, any other health issues that require ongoing attention (such as the need for regular dialysis) and any behavioral or mobility concerns that might require specialized care. Once you have assessed the patient's particular needs, finding the right memory care facility match will be easier. Before making any decisions, do your research and ask all facilities under consideration questions about their safety procedures, staff training and supervision, community policies and the features and services offered by the facility. Asking for a tour of any memory care communities that you are considering will allow you to see the facilities and staff first-hand and gather valuable insights.

The cost of assisted living can vary greatly, and memory care is generally more expensive than assisted living due to the higher care requirements for dementia and Alzheimer's patients. Memory care facilities need to maintain a higher staff-to-resident ratio, and their employees are provided with additional training to handle the unique safety issues facing dementia and Alzheimer's patients; both of these factors increase the average cost of memory care. Between memory care facilities, cost will vary depending on the patient's particular care needs, the room arrangements and the community's location. Understanding the cost and ensuring that the price of a particular facility aligns with your capabilities is key to picking a memory care facility that will be the right long-term match for you or your loved one.

If you are looking for a memory care facility near you for yourself or a loved one, we can help. Veranda Senior Living is a group of carefully crafted retirement communities in Boise, Idaho that offers complete and comprehensive dementia and Alzheimer's care.

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