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Cozy, yet spacious living quarters designed to provide as much independence as possible with 24-hour support always on staff, freeing daily activities to be met with relaxation.

As you enter your golden years, you may find that the rigors of home maintenance or the strain of being isolated from your peers and social activities make continuing to live at home less attractive. However, for those who are still in good health and don't need assistance with daily living, a traditional assisted living facility provides an unnecessary level of care. Retirement communities that offer independent living senior apartments and homes or…bungalows, can serve as an excellent nursing home alternative for retirees who are seeking a greater sense of community and a senior-friendly environment while still looking to maintain their independence.

What is independent living?

Simply put, independent living is any type of housing community that is designed exclusively to serve senior citizens, typically those adults aged 50 or older. Within a senior living 50+ community, individual housing arrangements can vary from apartments to freestanding homes. The housing is designed to meet the needs of older adults by requiring little maintenance and tending to be more compact than traditional homes, and the overall independent living community offers robust and varied activities, amenities and services to fulfill the social and recreational needs of its residents. However, as the name implies, residents of independent living communities do continue to live alone and without assistance for routine daily life.

Retirees who opt to join an independent living community are typically physical and mentally healthy, but desire greater social opportunities with others of the same age. Most independent living communities do not employ nursing staff or provide medical care. However, some comprehensive luxury retirement communities like Veranda Senior Living do keep on-site medical personnel to provide at-home medical care.

The community amenities offered by independent living facilities

Independent living communities are designed to promote active, fun and healthy living for their residents. To this end, these communities offer a wide range of activities, amenities and services that cater specifically to the tastes and lifestyles of senior citizens.

While residents live separately in their own individual homes or apartments, independent living communities maintain a number of on-site community centers and recreational amenities for the benefit of their residents. These facilities can include recreational centers, clubhouses, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses and fitness centers. Many communities also maintain an ongoing roster of social programs and leisure activities. Classes in arts and crafts, continuing education classes and instruction in activities like ballroom dancing are common, as are special events like holiday gatherings and movie nights. In order to meet the general needs of community residents, independent living facilities typically offer a number of on-site services designed to meet the needs of daily living; this can include laundry services, basic housekeeping, meal preparation or beauty salons and spas. Communities generally arrange transportation when residents wish to go shopping or need to attend medical appointments, and many communities offer organized outings for their residents. Most independent living apartments and homes have their own kitchens, but many communities also maintain a communal dining hall to offer residents high-quality and nutritious meals in a social setting.

Knowing when independent living is the right choice

For many retirees, the thought of giving up their family home in favor of a retirement community gives them pause, even if their increasing limitations make their current living arrangements less attractive. However, joining an independent living community can offer tremendous benefits for active, fun-loving seniors. While your large home with its expansive yard may have served you and your family well for many years, the amount of upkeep and ongoing maintenance can become burdensome over time, particularly as an empty-nester with less use for extra space. Many senior citizens also face increasing isolation as they age and family and friends move away. Particularly for those older adults who find driving or navigating public transportation more difficult and stressful, moving to an independent living community with its ample recreational amenities and social opportunities within a short walk can be an excellent choice.

Lastly, even if you and your spouse are currently in excellent health, you should consider the future and the possibility of worsening health conditions; joining an independent living community within a larger continuing care community such as Veranda Senior Living can help provide a seamless and easy transition if your health does decline.

How to choose the right independent living community

What makes an independent living community the right fit for you will depend upon your own personal needs and preferences. For example, seniors who want to stay active should take a look at the exercise class offerings and recreational facilities of prospective communities. Several common factors play an important role for most older adults when selecting an independent living facility: the people, the location and size of the community and the amenities and activities offered.

Since many seniors decide to join an independent living community to increase their social interaction, getting a good sense of the residents of any prospective community is key in deciding if it is the right fit for you. Whether you would prefer a smaller and more tight-knit community or a larger and more varied atmosphere can also help guide your decision. While many seniors wish to retire to warm-weather locales like Arizona and Florida, others prefer to choose a retirement community closer to their family and their current support network. Lastly, the range of amenities and activities offered will vary from community to community; finding an independent living community that offers the features that match the interests you would like to pursue in retirement is important for finding a good long-term fit.

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