Veranda Senior Living offers a variety of assisted living programs and multiple options that range from room size, campion studios and semi-private rooms.

Seniors who need a higher degree of help and security than traditional independent living units offer -- yet who are still fully engaged in the world around them -- Veranda’s assisted living residential units provide a perfect blend of independence and personal attention. Seniors worry about the cost of assisted living, but Veranda’s prices are competitive, with a variety of floor plans to meet differing needs. Assisted living quarters at Veranda include semi-private, one- and two-bedroom units. Other floor plan options include assisted living units with live-in companion space as part of that unit, or separate studio quarters for companions.

Our offering

Our assisted living quarters are all spacious, yet cozy and packed with conveniences. Each unit features a private bath, an emergency call system, and individually-controlled thermostats, as well as weekly housekeeping and linen service. Worried about staying healthy without reliable transportation to an offsite medical caregiver? Our at-home medical service gives you access to medical personnel -- all directly on site. If needed, we coordinate with your current doctor’s office or hospital team, through the use of our state-of-the-art capabilities, including electronic medical record access.  Unlike many retirement communities within the Boise, Idaho area, Veranda offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our staff is able to provide 24-hour support, so that you can go about your day free of worry.

Full-service meets community

This full-service community will also reassure family members who previously worried about the burdens you or your spouse took on before considering an assisted living community, whether it was shoveling heavy snow, cleaning a large home, or undertaking driving errands with no optional support.   Our residents expect and deserve the kinds of service they can’t find anywhere else in the Boise, Idaho region, such as nutritious, chef-prepared meals and customized support for dressing, bathing and grooming, when desired. Medication reminders are also part of our standard services. Veranda also organizes daily and weekly entertainment programs, as well as shopping and recreational outings.

Finding the best possible solution

If you’ve fallen in love with Veranda’s setting and friendly staff, but aren’t quite sure which of our communities are best for you or your parent, there are a few factors to consider when deciding if assisted living might be the best option for you. Possible signs for seniors to discuss with children, spouses and other loved ones include whether there have been issues such as memory loss, minor car accidents or a lack of interest in socializing. In addition, seniors who find they are taking longer to recover from even a minor cold or wound, or who are finding daily hygiene routines and managing their money more of a challenge, often thrive once they move into an assisted living community.

Living a rich and meaningful life

Preparing to move into a community that provides assisted living support can be a difficult process for seniors and their families. Veranda understands that it’s important for families to find a community that truly believes that just because their parent, spouse or friend requires extra support, he or she is still able to live a rich, meaningful life. That kind of life is only possible when seniors are situated in a comfortable, friendly environment. Knowing how crucial it is to balance heightened care with a respect for our residents’ dignity, Veranda offers the our residents the highest level of support, both in their own living quarters and throughout the caring community overall.

We’re there for you every step of the way

Veranda provides residents with a wide variety of conveniences and luxuries, including a community pool, as well as a complete gym and workout area. Dining options abound at Veranda, as do entertainment and educational programs. We also organize numerous recreational and shopping outings for interested community members. Whether you’re transitioning from an independent to an assisted living senior community, or are looking for a solution on behalf of a loved one whose health status has suddenly changed, Veranda’s assisted living options offer peace of mind.

Welcome to a vibrant environment that promotes socialization, stimulation -- and fun! -- while never sacrificing privacy or dignity.

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